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Your title is (next to your Gallery image) the most important way to draw people to your listing. eBay buyers are search-engine-driven — they find most of their items by typing selected keywords into the search box and clicking the Search button. Those keywords should be all your title consists of. No fancy prose. No silly words that people won’t search for. Here are a few examples of eBay’s worst title words:


Do yourself a favor — never include these words in your title. No one ever searches for these words — ever! (For that matter, nobody’s looking for “!!!!!!” in the title, either. Can’t think why .. . )

Okay, we’re gonna say it up front: If you’ve finished writing your item title and you have spaces left over, please fight the urge to dress it up with lots of exclamation points and asterisks. No matter how gung-ho you are about your item, the eBay search engine may overlook your item if the title is encrusted with meaningless ****, $$$$, and !!!! symbols. If bidders do see your title, they may become annoyed by their virtual shrillness and ignore them!!!!!!!! (See what I mean?)

Another distracting habit is overdoing capital letters. To buyers, seeing everything in caps is LIKE SEEING A CRAZED SALESMAN SCREAMING AT THEM TO BUY NOW! Using all caps online is considered shouting — it’s annoying and tough on the eyes. Use capitalization SPARINGLY, and only to finesse a particular point or name.

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