Making your listings stand out

Bold Title: When you select the Bold option, your listing appears in boldface type in searches, as well as in category browsing. It’s a good option to use if you’re in competition with other sellers hawking the same items. But we suggest you use this option only if your item can sell for a good price; otherwise the $1 bold fee can take a large chunk out of your profits!

Highlight: Let’s hear it for the big yellow highlighter! Nothing like it forgetting to the gist of a book. Strangely, however (beats us as to why), the eBay highlight feature is lilac. Be sure to look at the category in which you choose to list before selecting this feature. Some categories (such as Home Page Featured) are overwhelmed with sellers using the highlight option — the pages look completely shaded in lilac. In these categories, not using highlight (and using perhaps a bold title instead) might make your listing stand out even more.

Home Page Featured: Location, location, location is the byword for prime real estate; the Home Page Featured option gives you the highest level of visibility at eBay: a spot on the home page. Your listing may show up in that captivating little box that appears smack dab in the center of the eBay Home page — although there’s no guarantee that it will. But since a huge percentage of visitors to the eBay site enter through — and scour — the home page, they tend to be attracted to this boxed area, and usually click the See All Featured Items link. This link leads them to the special Featured Items auction section.

When you list with this option, your item is also featured (at the top of the page) on the individual category pages of the featured items (kinda hard to miss).

Gallery Picture: This is one of the few “musts” in our eBay repertoire. For only 35 cents, you can display a mini-postage-stamp-size version of your item’s picture next to its title. This Gallery picture shows up when a prospective buyer is browsing in a category or performing a search and perusing the results.

If you don’t use a Gallery picture and just include a picture in your description, eBay displays a silly green camera icon next to your listing. There’s no way that the little camera icon can compete with the other sellers’ appropriately placed Gallery images. Bottom line: If you’re going to sell, you’d better spend that 35 cents for the extra exposure.

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