Words That Pay

Hands down, the most valuable real estate on eBay is the 55-character title of your item. The majority of buyers do title searches, and that’s where your item must come up if it’s going to be sold!

Here are some ideas to help you fill in the keywords in your item title:

  1. Use the most common name for the item, and only if there’s room, list the alternate name. For example, say salt shaker, and if there’s room, add saltcellar.
  2. If the item is actually rare or hard to find, okay, mention that. But instead of the word RARE (so overused it’s practically invisible), include the acronyms (OOAK, OOP, or HTF) that eBay users have come to rely on. (No, they aren’t cartoon noises; the table in the next section lists what they mean.)
  3. Mention the item’s condition and whether it’s new or old. When applicable(as with gently used items), include the item’s age or date of manufacture.
  4. Mention the item’s special qualities, such as its style (for a handbag),model (for a camera), or edition (for a book).
  5. Include brand names, if those names are significant. If you’re selling a for-real Tiffany lamp, you want people to know it!
  6. State the size of the item or other descriptive information, such as color or material content.

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