Text colours for eBay listing

Following are some guidelines for using color in your listing text:

Decide on a limited set of colors to include in your listing. And then, stick to your decision! Just as you don’t infuse your garden with plants in every color of the rainbow, you don’t want to go wild by using all 216 colors available to you! Using a multitude of different colors won’t make your listing easy to read (quite the opposite), but carefully pulling in a few colors that work together well can help make your point without making your readers’ eyes burn.

While choosing colors for your text, keep in mind whether you plan toYou don’t want change the background color. You don’t want the background and text colors to clash with each other! Text will fade into a background color that’s too similar, but too strong a contrast can bring a viewer to tears.

Recognize that some potential customers may be colorblind or have other difficulties with viewing specific colors. Yellow is one color that many people can’t read easily. Readability is the watchword here!

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